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The Arboretum Golf Course is one of the most beautiful golf courses in Slovenia.

Golf course is open!


The idea of constructing a golf course surrounded by pristine nature and the vistas of the Kamnik mountains was conjured up as early as the Nineties by the visionaries Aleš Ocepek and Janez Narat. They realized the plan in 1998 when they built and opened the first nine fields and completed the project in 2003 when they added nine additional fields.


The Arboretum Golf Course today ranks among the three most visited and tidiest golf courses in the region with the largest number of club players by a wide margin. In cooperation with the parent club, the management has always strived to gain the trust of as many local and foreign visitors as possible.


Over the past years, we have hosted numerous domestic and international competitions, in addition to numerous business events and anniversaries. The new leadership brought even more ambitious goals with the desire to further raise the quality of all programs, and the intention to make our course one of the most environment, player, and business partner-friendly courses.


The Arboretum Golf Course is located in pristine nature on the edge of the renowned Arboretum Botanical Garden in Volčji Potok. It is only 8 kilometers from the highway, and 15 kilometers from Ljubljana and the Brnik airport.


The course boasts a picturesque clubhouse that offers comfort to golfers and other visitors. Club and office spaces are designed for all sorts of socializing as well as for organizing business meetings and seminars. Many social gatherings take place on the exercise greens in the shades of pine trees.There are also three stylish apartments in the club, mostly used by foreign guests.


The Arboretum Golf Course was designed by distinguished Italian architect Marco Croze in collaboration with local architect Peter Škofic. The projects date back to 1996. The course has 18 diverse holes that offer many challenges and pleasures. In addition to the course, there is a fenced training ground for long games, a putting green, a large practice area for short games, and a raised green for sand trap shots.