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What is Tee time


Start time

A golf Tee time is a start time of a golf round.


A definition of a tee time is the reserved start time for a round of golf. Tee times can be made for individuals or groups and are available anywhere from days to months in advance, depending on the course.


For ex. If someone's Tee time is 14:00, that means the time when he should be making his first shot.


Tee time is determined when making a reservation. Not all golf courses require it. Some don't use it at all. We recommend to check with golf courses well in advance about their tee time policies.


Why Tee time

Tee time helps golf courses to run as smoothly as possible. It prevents congestions. Tee times are arranged at intervals, usually a few minutes apart.


Some of the most attractive and best known golf courses around the world accept reservations year in advance.


Arboretum Tee times

At Arboretum Golf Course Ljubljana tea time is required. It starts every ten minutes, regardless of a day or a player. There are no HCP limits.