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What is Green Fee

what is green fee

Greens fees vs green fees

A green fee is what a golf course charges golfers to play. In other words it is how much you have to pay to be allowed to play on a certain golf course.


So what is a greens fee then?


For some Greens fee is actually proper term, but green fee is perfectly fine. Basically it is  the same. 



Green fees normally vary depending on

  • time of week
  • time of day
  • status of a golfer

To be more specific, 9 holes are charged more than 18 holes. End of the week usually costs more than midweek, late rounds usually get discounts. Sometimes even bad weather gets a discount if there is a chance a full round cannot be finished.

There are discounts for children and seniors and a club member usually pays less than a guest.


Green fees can be pretty expensive. Here are the world's top ten most expensive golf courses.


Can be expensive

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