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Golf School

Arboretum Golf School has a high reputation in Slovenia. Our young members, led by Janez Grilc and Rocco Piška have had an outstanding success and are among the best in the country.


golf school golf arboretum


They are a team Cup champions with the maximum number of points. Taša Torbica and Kristjan Burkelca are national and cup champions. Matic Zalokar is the absolute and National Champion U21.


Our goal is to establish an excellent School of golf that will maintain the level of success and firther establish the game of golf in Slovenia. Golf school would be difficult to operate successfully without financial contributions from sponsors and members of the club, which at this point thanks to donations and assistance.
School teacher and golf Janez Grilc Deadline Pišek are available to members of GK Arboretum, which are in return entitled to special benefits.