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Arboretum Golf Course

Basic Info


Distance:5.452 m 
Difficulty level:CR 139
No. of holes:18
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arboretum golf course ljubljana

Arboretum Golf Course Diversity

Arboretum Golf Course Ljubljana is not the longest golf course in Slovenia since it stretches only 5.452 m from the furthest teeing grounds but its level of difficulty (CR 139) implicates you will have an entertaining and diverse game. 


Leave an iron behind

Top players can leave aside their longest irons on Arboretum Golf Course Ljubljana since a driver will be sufficient for most of the holes and those players with the higher HCP should stay on the fairway and maintain their shots straight in order to enjoy the game more.


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Course Golf Arboretum Ljubljana Slovenia brings about all sorts of shots. That is why the local players justifiably claim: "If you play good in Arboretum you can manage other courses as well."


Arboretum Golf Course Hole to hole


Quite dynamic, due to undulating terrain, Arboretum Golf Course Ljubljana Slovenia has


  • 18 holes.
  • Par is 71
  • practice ground with two greens,
  • two chipping practice grounds,
  • a lovely restaurant,
  • a terrace with a view on the 9th and 18th hole
  • a well stocked up Proshop.


Score card (download)

HCP EGA table (download)