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Rules and Conditions


The tournament will be played in accordance with:

  • the Rules of Golf, as approved by the R&A Rules Limited (2016-2019 edition),
  • the 2017 Slovenian Golf Association Hard Card,
  • EGA Handicap system (2016-2019 edition),
  • the Conditions and Local Rules approved by the Tournament Committee.



The Conditions and Local Rules approved by Tournament Commitee and the conditions are:


  •  A competitor is prohibited from having caddie during the stipulated round.
  • Players are obliged to walk during stipulated round.
  • Tournament Commitee reserves the right to:

- Disqualify any competitor making a false statement on his entry form;

- reject for the next calendar year any competitor who did not send a notification of his intention to withdraw from the competition to the Championship committee before tha Championshio, or withdraw at any stage of the championship. Exemptions may be made in case of sickness with an authorised medical certificate given to the Entries' Department and other special circumstances at the discretion of the Championship Committee. 


Specific Conditions

Please note that in this Championshio the following Specimen Conditions of Competition and Local Rules as specified in the Appendix I of the Rules of Golf are in effect:

  • List of Conforming Driver Heads;
  • List of Conforming Golf Balls;
  • Transportation (riding on any form of transportation is prohibited);
  • Distance-measuring Devices (use of DMDs is allowed)




Players should report to the Starter on the 1st tee no later than 10 minutes prior to their start time:

  • Hole Locations/Pin Positions will be distributed by the Starter on the 1st tee each day. 
  • Pace of Play Policy is in accordance with the Slovenian golf Association Hard Card. 
  • Jeans are strictly prohibited. Shoes with soft spikes must be worn. 


Form of play

54 holes of stroke play (3 rounds): 

  • FRIDAY - 1st Round 18 holes
  • SATURDAY - 2nd Round of 18 holes
  • SUNDAY - 3rd Round 18 holes


Tournament draw

  • 1st Round draw will be desplayed and distributed at 19.00 o'clock on Thursday, 22nd of June, on Slovenian Golf Association web page under Championships, in front of the Club House and in the Official Hotels;
  • 2nd and 3rd Round draws, based on performance, will be displayed at 19:00 o'clock on Friday and Saturday on same polaces as for the 1st round.


Round draw will be posted also on the information board, located at the Club House office and on the scoreboard and web page of Slovenian Golf Association under Championships. 


Score recording

  • players are strongly advised to mark their scorecards after every hole;
  • players are asked to provide officials with their scores after the 9th hole on each day for uploading to the Live Leaderboard;
  • Mobile Scoreboards will accompany the last 4 groups on Sunday only;
  • The Official Score Recorder's office will be located near the Tournament Office;
  • A player's card is deemed officially returned when he/she has left the Score Recorder's Office.